BAM Graphic Renderings prices are VERY LOW COST compared to other renderers. For each full-colored rendering (exterior or interior), costs may vary depending on the design + size of the building or new home.

For every 6th paid rendering, THE 7th RENDERING IS FREE as a company courtesy towards all new + current clients.  


1.  Elevations Cost (Full Colored) = Average cost starting at $200 per home based on square footage. Commercial buildings tend to cost more due to large square footage.

The Florence. Lot 4. Sugar Hill, Georgia


Oak Tree Plaza Building




2.  3D Interior Renderings Cost = Average cost at $300 per room. Open concept/multi-room designs tend to cost more due to square footage.




3. Floor Plan Renderings Cost (Full Colored) = Average cost starting at $180 per home based on square footage. Commercial floor plans tend to cost more due to large square footage.





4.  Floor Plan Renderings Cost (Basic Line Drawings Only) = Average costs starting at $100 per plan based on square footage. Commercial floor plans tend to cost more due to large square footage.





5.  Mural Renderings Cost = Starting at $160 depending on wall sizes.

Metcalf Loft Residence. Family Worship Room North Wall. Chattanooga, Tennessee




6.  Logo Designs CostFlat rate fee of $300 per logo design.




7. Graphic Design Illustrations CostFlat rate fee of $200 per illustration of any file size. 




8.  Architectural Scale Models CostStarting at $500 for each model. 

The Abbey. Custom Home Builder Architectural Scale Model