1. Elevation Renderings + Floor Plans  = All commercial & residential renderings are architecturally illustrated in high + sharp details that translates the client’s designs into reality. See examples in the “Portfolio” tab located above.



2. 3D Interior Renderings = Interior renderings are illustrated in high + sharp 3D details that translates the client’s designs into reality. See examples in the “Portfolio” tab located above.


3. Architectural Scale Models = The scale models that’s constructed for clients are all hand-crafted with superb craftsmanship. The construction styles of all architectural models ranges from “abstract” to “detailed”. Color and scale sizes of the models are based on the client’s preference.

The Abbey. Custom Home Builder Architectural Scale Model


3. Graphic Illustrations + Logo Design = Producing illustrated layouts & ideas for all project types gives clients a visual interpretation that allows them to achieve their business goals through graphic design. Graphic design projects that are illustrated all consist of various project types such as: logo designs, company branding, brochure designs + graphic image illustrations.



BAM Graphic Renderings illustration process is very simple + quick.

1. Primary introduction to new client.


2. Discuss rendering project details with client.


3. Rendering cost, signed contract agreement + due date all approved.


4. PDF CAD Files or sketches sent to BAM Graphic Renderings for illustration.


5. Illustration Begins.


6. Preliminary renderings submitted to client for reviews.


7. Final revised renderings submitted to client in high resolution.


*All final renderings can be formatted in any file type based on each client’s preference.


Services provided by BAM Graphic Renderings are used for the following: 

Real Estate Renderings 

Home Developer Renderings

Commercial Developer Renderings

Home Shows          

General Design Presentations

Committee Presentations                             

Corporate Branding + Identity

General Advertisement Graphics               

Real Estate Magazine Ads            

Website Imaging

General Home Sales Marketing                         

Online Media Ads                    

Online Sales Promos